What lies beneath everything is my urgent desire of knowing and trying, plain curiosity.

Secondly I love connecting aspects of different settings, concepts and people to create new ideas. The more I know and the more I have tried, the more connections are possible. This in combination with my pleasure to befriend new people and talk to them about my ideas, inspire them, integrate them - is what keeps me constantly in motion, and most importantly - happy.


In this surge to connect and unify previously separated aspects, I was, am and probably will be always looking to find a common denominator for all my activities, something like my temporary life purpose, as I am sure this is bound to change over time.



"Pushing boundaries and changing life(s)"

is the slogan that sums it up and resonates most with me.




To state my momentarily life's purpose:


Purpose of my life is to use my curiosity, my ability to get excited about something, my energy, my intelligence, my passion and my ability to find commonalities with my fellow beings,


... to inspire and excite them about ideas and motivate them in realizing these ideas,

... to help other people push their boundaries and change their lifes.

... to play a catalytic role in their lifes,

... to create harmony through connections,

... to devote myself to life completely,

... and to gather knowledge and skills


in order to create a world where all people and I love what We are doing, where we are acting authentically, honestly and consistently, where We take full responsibility for our actions and live the change We want to see to live with more fun, laughter, peace and freedom.